UK Church Statistics

‘UK Church Statistics’ is produced and edited by SRA member Peter Brierley.

The book is a fresh compilation of the number of members, churches and ministers in the many denominations in the UK, with summary tables, explanatory articles and other data.

Published in June, it is already being reprinted. For more details and an order form, email


Families, Relationships and Societies

The Policy Press, a not-for-profit social science publisher based at the University of Bristol, UK, is launching a new journal next year, called Families, Relationships & Societies.

It will be the first European international journal to link research, policy and practice, bringing together contributions that enable a new exchange of ideas, and providing a much-needed forum for debate based on excellent scholarly work alongside policy and practice critiques.

Find out more about the journal.

New publications – June 2011

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Making modern mothers
Rachel Thomson, Mary Jane Kehily, Lucy Hadfield and Sue Sharpe
An exciting and timely book documenting the transition to motherhood over generations and time.

The migration debate
Sarah Spencer CBE
A well balanced, critical analysis of UK migration policies, in a European context, from entry controls through to integration and citizenship of interest to academics and policy makers alike.

The short guide to gender
Kath Woodward
This accessible guide provides readers with an introduction to the key concepts and main developments in gender studies. Highlighting the importance of gender in the contemporary world, it is an ideal overview for students and professionals alike.

Fighting poverty, inequality and injustice
Alan Walker, Adrian Sinfield and Carol Walker
This important book brings together many of the leading contributors in the field and provides a compelling manifesto for change in social justice.

Education, disability and social policy
Steve Haines and David Ruebain
Brings together for the first time unique perspectives from leading thinkers including senior academics, opinion formers, policy makers and school leaders to explore this increasingly vital contemporary issue in British social policy.

Unmasking age
Bill Bytheway
Critically examines various methods and discusses ways of uncovering the realities of age.

Evidence, policy and practice
Jon Glasby
This edited book provides a hard-hitting and deliberately provocative overview of the relationship between evidence, policy and practice, how policy is implemented and how research can and should influence the policy process.

Social Policy Review 23
Chris Holden, Majella Kilkey and Gaby Ramia
This edition of Social Policy Review presents an extensive analysis of the coalition government’s social policies and is essential reading for social policy academics and students and for anyone who is interested in the implications of government policy.

Housing transitions through the life course
Andrew Beer, Debbie Faulkner, with Chris Paris and Terry Clower
Lifetime attitudes to housing have changed, with new population dynamics driving the market and a greater emphasis on consumption. This important contribution to the literature argues that how we think about households and their housing needs to be recast to acknowledge this changed environment and provide a more powerful conceptual framework.

Transforming the Dutch welfare state
Mara Yerkes
This comprehensive study demonstrates the dramatic changes that have taken place in the protection of old and new social risks, exploring the mechanisms behind these changes in the context of corporatist welfare state institutions.

Bail support schemes for adults
Anthea Hucklesby
This important book makes a valuable contribution to an under-researched area. It includes an evaluation of the Effective Bail Scheme (EBS) and discusses the potential for the wider development of bail support schemes and some of the questions and challenges posed by their use.